New York Times Reports Arod Tried To Purchase Records From Biogenesis Clinic To Destroy Evidence Of His Steroid Use

NY TimesInvestigators for Major League Baseball have uncovered what they believe is evidence that a representative of Alex Rodriguez purchased medical records from a person connected to a South Florida anti-aging clinic that is suspected of providing performance-enhancing drugs to a number of major leaguers, according to two people briefed on the matter.  The New York Times reported online Thursday that Major League Baseball had purchased documents from a former employee at the clinic, which operated under the name Biogenesis of America and is now closed, in an effort to uncover evidence that would link the clinic to the distribution of performance-enhancing drugs. The article also stated that one major league player had also purchased clinic documents from a former clinic employee so that they could be destroyed. That player was not identified until Friday, when the two people said it was Rodriguez, the 37-year-old Yankees third baseman currently rehabilitating from off-season hip surgery. A spokesman for Rodriguez flatly denied the allegation Friday.

Is Arod good at anything? Hes not good at baseball anymore. He’s definitely not good at cheating at baseball anymore. He gets caught every time he does absolutely anything with steroids or HGH. He sucks at absolutely everything other than striking out in a big spot, banging trannies, and collecting millions of dollars he doesn’t deserve. In those 3 departments, he’s absolutely unparalleled. The Greatest of All Time in those areas. I guess as long as you’re collecting the money nothing else matters, but Jesus Christ dude. You suck at so many things in life.

So I think its official at this point. I think Alex Rodriguez is officially the most disgraceful baseball superstar of all time. As far as like respecting the game. Not like hes a rapist or anything. But as far as the game itself goes, hes just the biggest disgrace. Its like a three way tie with Clemens, Bonds and him. I’d almost respect him if he got away with everything. But the fact that he’s so dumb and keeps getting caught just makes me lose even more respect for him. Pathetic.

Does MLB even have a punishment for this? Like he’s almost inventing new ways to get in trouble. Bud Selig is gonna have to institute “The Arod Rules” and start making up suspensions to set the precedent. Only question is can they beat his attorneys.

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