New Jersey School Bans Girls From Cursing

(NEWSER– New Jersey’s Queen of Peace High School would like girls to stop cursing, saying it wants “ladies to act like ladies,” a teacher tells the Record. So the Catholic school asked the girls, but not the boys, to take a pledge not to swear, NBC10 reports. The boys, instead, were told they “are not to swear in the presence of ladies.” But they should take the pledge, too, says one girl: “Boys should be more like gentlemen.” Teachers say they’re hoping the girls’ clean talk will inspire boys. A boy, meanwhile, tells the Record that “it’s unattractive when girls have potty mouths.” But he says he can’t stop himself from swearing while pitching for the school’s baseball team.

Unless we’re in the bedroom, where I want a chick to swear like a sailor with Tourettes, I think I can get down with this ban. Like obviously any normal person is gonna drop a casual fuck, shit, ass bitch because thats basically the only way to really communicate. But I don’t need a chick who’s shtick is to try to talk like one of the guys. You know what I mean? Its basically the same as trying to watch sports with the guys and pretending you’re as big of a fan as we are. Don’t try to talk like a dude just for the shock value of it all. And if you’re dropping a casual “cunt” or “twat” in your every day convo, you probably should clean your shit up. Its a double standard, deal with it.

Again, like I said, behind closed doors I wanna hear every F word, P word, D Word, A word C word and Z word out of your mouth. But other than that its like little man said – its unattractive when girls have potty mouths.

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