Minor League Baseball Team Hosting Anthony Weiner Hot Dog Night

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RICHMOND, Va. (AP) - A minor league affiliate of the San Francisco Giants in Virginia intends to poke fun at New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner and other celebrities with “Salute to Scandal Night.” The Class AA Richmond Flying Squirrels of the Eastern League intend to sell hot dogs for $1 on Thursday. The team says fans also can enter a contest by tweeting photos during the game showing how they are enjoying their hot dogs. Weiner has admitted sending lewd photos and messages to women online. Flying Squirrels vice president and chief operation officer Todd Parnell says the promotion is “meant to be a fun, tongue in cheek night.” Other contests will poke fun at scandals involving athletes, including a “Brett Favre football throw” and “Tiger Woods closest to the pin challenge.”

How many twitpics of chicks deepthroating dogs are we gonna get on Thursday night? How many guys are gonna poke a dog through their fly and send dickdog tweets out to twitter like Carlos Danger? This is going to be he most sexually charged baseball game of all time. If you’re trying to hook up with some chick, I highly suggest you take her to this game Thursday night. Just invite her like you don’t know the deal and then when you get there be like “Waiiitt, what?? Its Anthony Weiner night??” Seems weird at first but when you spend the entire night talking about cock pictures and sexting and scandalous affairs and rough sex, you’ll thank me. Ordinarily its awkward to bring up all that stuff, but not on Tony Weiner Hot Dog Night. Its only natural to take pictures of her sucking on a hot dog and talk all about fucking with high heels on and all that other shit Carlos Danger said. I’m telling you, at least 5 guys will get blown at the Richmond Flying Squirrels game this Thursday. The sexual tension is gonna be through the roof.

The question is, what do you win if you tweet the best hot dog picture? A dick pic of your favorite Flying Squirrel? A one night smash session with an ugly pig? Not much prize worthy shit has come out of the Anthony Weiner scandal.

PS – Zero chance this happens now that its become news. They’ll pull the plug. But being a PR person for a minor league ball club who comes up with these promo nights has gotta be a fantastic job.

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