MFK – Murderers

[marry-kill-fuck 88]

So Jodi Arias was found guilty yesterday. Bitch is cold blooded running around now saying she wants the death penalty. Which will put a nice bow on the lastest “good-looking-chick-accused-of-murder” saga. So today we play a game of Marry Fuck Murder. MFM.

You automatically have to marry Foxy Knoxy because she’s the only one who’s not actually a murderer. She’s clearly a freak in the sack with all the weird sorts of sex she was having but she didn’t actually murder anyone. So thats a plus. One of the traits I value most in a woman I’m looking to marry is that she won’t end up murdering me or someone else.

So now you’re deciding between Casey Anthony and Jodi Arias. Casey Anthony is one of the most despicable human on the planet. Killing kids is as sick as it gets. So if I was an honorable man I’d immediately make her the kill. But here’s the problem – Jodi Arias killed the dude she was having sex with. You think I want to F a girl when the last guy that did that ended up stabbed like 100 times? Casey is a baby killer but Jodi might be a KFC killer. Thats some scary shit that you really gotta contemplate.

At the end of the day though, I don’t think I could be in the same room with Casey Anthony without doing anything other than killing her. Just no way I could get down with someone that heinous. I’ll kill Anthony, have a wild ride with Arias and hope I can fend her off when she tries to murder me.

PS – Yesterday Feitelberg and Big Cat asked me who Jodi Arias was. Yesterday. I swear I’m surrounded by children.

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