MFK Mondays – Publicity Paths

[marry-kill-fuck 106]


The hottest girls on the planet get noticed and usually end up in 1 of 3 career paths.  A model, an actress, or a singer.  Some do all three.  But tonight were going to break it down and see which one is the best if you had a choice to pick.  We’re going to assume each of the 3 chicks are complete rockets.

MARRY- Model. Travel to exotic locations, known fact your wife is the one of the hottest things on the planet, usually has the body type that stays skinny, with the exception to fatty mcfats Upton.

FUCK- Singer.  It is nice that they go on tour and you get time away, but that works for all three of these choices really.  But too much fame, too many screaming kids, only one person needs to make her hit those high notes, unfortunately for my one time with her I probably won’t accomplish that.

KILL- Actress.  I don’t wan’t my chick getting fake stuffed on camera by the Gosling and doing make out scenes.  I don’t care how good you’re relationship is with that girl when you see her making out with some stud you’re going to be rattled.

PS Ariana Grande has sneaky GOAT written all over her

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