Mets Schedule Native American Celebration Night, Cancel The Whole Thing When They Find Out They’re Playing The Braves That Night

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NY TimesIt has not been an easy season for the Mets, who are lurching toward the All-Star break with a losing record. Opposition has come in the form of hard-throwing pitchers, mounting injuries and marathon-length games, but the team suddenly finds itself facing heat from an unexpected source: an American Indian organization. When the Mets approached theAmerican Indian Community House, a New York-based nonprofit organization, in March about helping to organize a Native American Heritage Day, the proposal struck members of the group as a good opportunity to celebrate their involvement in the community. A date was selected — July 25 — and they began to plan pregame festivities that would include traditional dancing and singing outside Citi Field. But there was a glitch, as far as the Mets were concerned: they were scheduled to host the Atlanta Braves that day. So in the past week, concerned that such activities might be interpreted by the Braves organization as a form of protest over its nickname, the Mets drastically reduced the day’s activities: no singing, no dancing. And now there won’t be any American Indians, either. On Monday, the A.I.C.H. pulled out of the event, citing frustration with the Mets for thwarting months of planning. The team has removed the event from its online schedule of activities. “Being a nonprofit in the city, we’re not in the business of making enemies,” said Kevin Tarrant, the deputy director of the A.I.C.H., which describes itself as an organization that aims to “cultivate awareness, understanding and respect” for thousands of American Indians who live in New York City. “This whole thing wasn’t even our idea. But it just feels like we’re being marginalized again within our own community.”

Ah the Mets and Native Americans. 2 of the worst run organizations in the world. First thing’s first, Native Americans need to cut the shit. All their activist bullshit complaining about stereotypes all throughout sports and entertainment and shit. Gimme a fuckin break, Indians. If it wasn’t for the Braves and the Indians and the Redskins and the movie Pocahontas, I wouldn’t even know Native Americans existed. Its like dinosaurs – if it weren’t for fossils and movies and shit we would never know they were even real. Without the sports mascots and cowboy and Indian movies, we’d probably just assume you were all Mexicans.  Just let it go.

And now we move on to the Mets. Doing the impossible and making the Native Americans look like the capable ones. The Mets come up with the idea, reach out to the Indians, pick the day, realize it coincides with the Braves, try to eliminate all the singing and dancing to the point where the Indians are just like, “Fuck it.” I love that quote from the Chief or whoever – “This whole thing wasn’t even our idea.” The Mets came up with the whole plan and then tried to pull the plug on it like that was gonna upset the Indians. You think the Native Americans are gonna lose sleep about Indian Night at Citi Field being canceled? Probably would have set Native Americans back even further than they already are. You know how many Indian Chiefs were fucking thrilled to hear this pow wow was canceled? Probably just as happy to kick back at home and watch the Yankees game.

Really they’re a match made in heaven in a lot of ways.

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