Mets Boycotted NY Post Reporter Because He Made Bartolo Fat Jokes

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CBS - It would seem that the Mets have grown weary of “fat jokes” made at the expense of right-hander Bartolo ColonAs Justin Tasch of the New York Daily News writes, the Mets following their 4-3 win over the Marlins on Friday undertook a boycott of sorts:

Apparently angry about an article in the New York Post on Friday about Bartolo Colon under the headline “LARDBALL,” the players would not talk to the media until Post writer Mike Puma left the clubhouse. Puma was asked to leave and did so without incident. Within a minute, several Mets appeared in the clubhouse. The team would not comment on the incident.

While that headline was almost certainly not Puma’s doing, this was his lede from the article in question:

If the umpires searched Bartolo Colon’s neck for a foreign substance on Thursday, chances are they only would have found peanut butter.

Presumably, the Mets have made their point, and relations will continue on a normal basis going forward. As for the Bartolo Colon jokes, well, they’re likely to continue apace. Trying to resist one right now, in fact.

Hey listen I love the camaraderie and this team banding together and having each other’s back’s and what not. But guess what?

Bartolo Colon is fat as fuck.

Your best bet to not have the New York Post make their witty headlines about you is to not be 300 pounds. I mean we’re talking about a guy who does this:

I’m pretty sure we’re talking about a guy who relishes the fact that he weighs about a metric ton and he’s 40 years old and still striking motherfuckers out and making millions of dollars. There’s not a fucking chance Big Sexy gives a shit about a “LARDBALL” headline. I’m sure they hate this reporter from the Post just because they hate all reporters and they saw this as an opportunity to just say “fuck you” right back to the media. But no way a joke about peanut butter on Tolo’s neck really offended anyone. Except because it was probably jelly on there, not PB.

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