Matt Harvey Going At Joe Benigno For Criticizing His Personal Life

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Well I’m torn here. On the one side, I can totally understand Matt Harvey telling Benigno to go fuck himself. This notion that athletes can’t have a personal life and have to be doing something baseball related 24 hours a day is dumb. Just because Matt Harvey is CA-NOODLING with Anne V at the Knicks game doesn’t mean he’s not taking his rehab process seriously. It doesn’t mean he’s not going to come back next season throwing flames again. Just because he has a girlfriend and is seen with her publicly doesn’t mean he’s not focused on his career.

On the flip side I totally understand where Benigno is coming from. Because despite everything I just said, it bothers me when hes all over town doing kissy face with her. I know its childish of me and hypocritical but, what can I say? It just bugs me. I think primarily because he said he wants to be the next Jeter and he’s doing literally everything opposite of him. Jeter just instituted a goddam rule that you can’t take pictures in his home and Matt Harvey is at the Knicks game picking his girlfriend’s nose for the cameras and starting twitter fights with radio hosts like a teenage girl. I am certainly down for living your life and not being some paranoid weirdo recluse and speaking your mind but then don’t tell me about living the Jeter lifestyle. You’re doing tell all interviews and you’re a very, very public guy at this point – you’re doing the complete opposite of Jeter.

I know its completely unfair as a fan to have those kinda expectations of the athletes you root for, but I dunno thats just part of the territory. Fans are always way more passionate and way more obsessive about this shit than the players are. Especially in New York. If you’re gonna ca-noodle and be seen you’re gonna have to expect some backlash, no matter how silly that is. And as absurd as Joe B was being right there, thats kinda why I love him. Guy just doesn’t give a fuck and says what hes always really thinking. If he actually knew how to operate a computer he’d be great at Barstool

PS – “Who the fuck is Joe Benigno?” from Anya cracked me up


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