Mark Teixeira Out 8-10 Weeks With Wrist Injury

Things are looking up for the Bombers huh!

I love how Yankees fans are acting like they’re still gonna have a top offense. Acting like they can rely on hit and run manufacturing runs with guys like Brett Gardner. Newsflash – this franchise has relied on the longball for like 10 straight years. When that game saving 3 run home run doesn’t come anymore because you’re trotting out one of the least powerful lineups in baseball, you’re fucked. Not like this team is just gonna flip a switch and all the sudden become wizards of small ball. For sure not.

Gotta be in full blown panic mode now if you’re a Yankees fan. Your team is old and injured. God forbid Sabathia (2 surgeries in 18 months) and/or Pettitte (260 years old) starts to show their age and this team could be completely fucked.

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