MailTime Unchained: The Bachelor List

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So this week I was on the road for the Bro Show and I wasn’t able to get in the studio AKA my bedroom with the Puerto Rican Puff Daddy. There’s only so much one fake radio host and one fake producer can do. I also planned on doing a Stoolie Voicemails show live and in person from Feits’ apartment, but instead this ended up happening:

Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 9.58.56 AM

There’s only so many hours in a week and when you’re busy figure skating with Gronk and practicing bobsled in your boss’ bathtub sometimes it just ain’t all possible. But I know how you people have turned into KFC Radio addicts and your need to get your fix so what I’ve done is unlocked one of the previously premium episodes. The Bachelor List – the 4 Pillars of Relationship Life inspired by my blog a few months back. Easily some of the best advice every guy needs to hear. I know a lot of you have already heard it and it doesn’t replace a new episode but its better than nothing on a February Friday.

Back in the saddle next week with a few big time guest appearances on both Stoolie Voicemails and MailTime.

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