MailTime: Olympic Gold

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Its Valentines Day in the Cubes. Which means you’re most likely surrounded by squawking broads who are either single and on the verge of suicide, or getting flowers and chocolates from their boyfriends and won’t shut the fuck up. So here’s a 90 minute edition of #MailTime to help get you through the day. We talk about Bob Costas’ poop eye and the overall debacle that is the Sochi Winter Olympics. We pull back the curtain and do a little behind the scenes Barstool talk about the Figure Skating Challenge with Gronk and the Bad Boys of Boggan’n. Talk about how Valentine’s Day is an incredible precarious day for the fellas, and we hand out the Bronze, Silver, and Gold Medals of the MailTime Olympics. The 3 best stories from all the Cube Monkey Stoolies that listen to the show. If you medaled, email me to collect your prize.

Important; This is our first episode that we were able to get sponsored. We’re trying to get down with Audible Books. So if you listen to MailTime and KFC Radio and you want to support the show, go to Sign up and you get one free audio book. I figure if A) you listen to audio podcasts, and B) you listen to MailTime specifically, then you’re lazy and listening to a book instead of reading it is right up your alley. My recommendation this week is Alan Sepinwall’s “The Revolution Was Televised.” If you’re a TV junkie like me and interested in all the writers, producers and shows that defined this Golden Age of TV that we’re in, this book is phenomenal. Clicking that link an signing up for your free book will go a long way towards a more permanent sponsorship like most of the other major podcasts so if you wanna support KFC Radio, it would be much appreciated.

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