MailTime Mailbox Introducing The New Feature “One Minute Man”

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New feature we’re incorporating to MailTime debuting today. KFC is…the One Minute Man. I’ve been the One Minute Man since I was about 16 for a very different reason, but now its official on my podcast. 10 topics fired at me, 1 minute to rant on each. From Harvey To Rovell To Burritos To Chicks Watching Porn and a slew of other random shit, its rapid fire roundup, MailTime style.

Then we dove into all your emails for the week. Oddly enough, a very heavy week with stories and questions from chicks. It was like the female edition of the MailBox. Chicks just wanna hear from an idiot like me I guess. We talk about sex on the first date, the Dick Sucking Queen from Kmarko’s blog, the Cube Monkey who ended Free Donut Wednesdays, and a whole lot more.

MailTime Mailbox Part II is available for premium members. Its Bring Your Kid to Work Day today so no doubt you want to blow your brains out. If want to kill an extra hour of your day instead of yourself, click here to sign up. Dollar a month gets you all sorts of extra access to the One Minute Man.

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