Logan Couture Joins Us For KFC Radio Tomorrow Night

Logan Couture plays hockey for the San Jose Sharks. I felt compelled to tell you that because before Barstool I had no idea who he was. But he’s a big time Stoolie and apparently in 2006 he looked like Buzz from Home Alone. Now he’s a millionaire professional athlete. Sometimes life ain’t fair.

Anyway, for you hockey diehards or all 6 San Jose Sharks fans out there, call the Barstool hotline to leave some voicemails for Logan. 646-807-8665. He’s a normal dude so you can ask him real questions. We’re not gonna be playing voicemails about the NHL CBA or something like that. He’ll join us in the beginning of the show and then once its time to start talking about sucking dicks and farts and stuff he’ll probably regret coming on the show all together and dip out.

KFC Radio featuring professional athletes now. Tomorrow night 8pm. Call the voicemail or tweet any of us your questions:


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