LIRR In Hot Water For Running Advertisements About Kegel Exercises

NBC New York – An advertisement for a health-based television channel is raising eyebrows among commuters on the Long Island Rail Road. The bright yellow posters on the LIRR trains proclaim, “Ladies, admit it. You’re doing Kegels right now.” Kegels are vaginal tightening exercises generally recommended after giving birth.  “I think it’s offensive,” said one female college student upon seeing the ad for the first time.  The posters are part of a commuter ad campaign for Veria Living, a health-based channel launching in New York. The series includes other flippant messages like, “Running to catch the train in heels actually counts as exercise,” and are appearing in 200 train cars. “They’re fun. They’re tongue-in-cheek. They’re meant to be lighthearted and I think they were meant to start these kinds of conversations,” said Elizabeth Browde, a senior vice president for Veria and the head of programming. “It would get my attention and make me smile,” said one female advertising executive, referring to the Kegel ad. The MTA said these posters fall within its guidelines and that “New Yorkers are exposed to far worse every single day.“ When asked how a parent might answer a 9-year-old who may see the poster and ask what a Kegel is, an MTA spokesperson suggested responding with, “It’s a type of exercise. I don’t know much more about it.”

Can everyone just pumpe the brakes for a second? Its not like the sign says “Admit it ladies, you’re doing pussy exercises right now.” Not like they say “Admit it ladies, you want a tight pussy again.” I mean that one dude didn’t even know what it meant. Probably rode that train to and from work every day heading home to his wife with a loose goose not even noticing that advertisement. I mean I didn’t even know it was pronounced kay-gull. Thought it was kee-gull. Now that I know its rhymes with bagel its fucked my whole world up. Gotta come up with some pussy exercising/bagel jokes.

At any rate, example number 324,657,092,415 why it sucks to be a chick. The one thing you girls have in this world is the Power of the Pussy. And yet as soon as you become pregnant and give birth you absolutely annihilate your own pussy. Just destroy the one asset you really ever had. Spend the next 10 years on the LIRR flexing your vagina trying to tighten up that honey pot again. Just an awful existence.

PS – How about being Dr. Kegel who invented this shit? Now theres a pretty interesting legacy.

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