Leonard The Black Kid Is The Cockiest Guy In The History Of Teen Jeopardy

If you haven’t been watching Teen Jeopardy, you’ve been missing out. Primarily because there’s this slug Barrett who I hate with the fire of a thousand suns. He’s just the biggest square on the planet earth.

When Alex asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up Barrett said “President.” Yea ok bro. What are you, 6 years old? Is this a question at your kindergarten graduation? You wanna be President? I wanna play centerfield for the Yankees or be an astronaut. Take a hike bro.

So anyway, Barrett, this black dude Leonard and some Indian kid made it to the finals. Leonard just don’t give a fuck. Rocks the Questlove fro and some button ups he just yanks from his closet. Stands with his arms crossed the whole time. He was trailing towards the end of the 2nd round final. I think he was in 3rd place as a matter of fact. Under a minute to go and he hits the Daily Double, bets 18 grand, nails it, and pulls the rug right out from that uptight clown Barrett. Didn’t even bother to answer the question in Final Jeopardy. Just straight up making a mockery of Barrett, Trebek, Merv Griffen and all things Jeopardy. So fucking cocky. He’s Colby in the making.

I hope Leonard goes on to be President and Barrett just works some back office operations job in finance.

PS – I cannot WAIT to hear from Jeopardy! Jesse after this.

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