Legoland Refuses To Admit 63 Year Old Lego Fanatic Because He Wasn’t Accompanied By A Child

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CanadaA 63-year-old man who travelled from Windsor, Ont. to Toronto to fulfil a lifelong dream of visiting a Legoland Discovery Centre, feels discriminated against and embarrassed after being turned away because he didn’t have a child with him. John St-Onge has been a self-described “Lego fanatic” ever since his children were young and he first began buying them sets, ranging from miniature cities and farmscapes to models of the Star Wars Millenium Falcon. Once his kids grew older and found other interests, John stuck with Lego, breaking down and rebuilding their sets, and buying new ones to add to his own collection. He now has around 75 sets, comprising about 50,000 pieces of Lego.  “It’s a Lego house,” he joked in an interview with, explaining that he spends his winters indoors due to health problems, and keeps busy working on Lego projects. John has diabetes, cancer and recently had heart surgery. His dream has always been to visit the flagship Legoland location in Denmark, but due to his health problems, that has become unrealistic. As a result, John was excited when he picked up a flyer for the Vaughan Mills Legoland Discovery Centre at an Ontario tourism centre, and learned that there was a location much closer to home. John and his daughter, Nicole St-Onge, saved up, planned the trip and made the three-hour drive, only to be turned away at the door because of a rule, unbeknownst to them, that adults must be accompanied by a child in order to get in. “They wouldn’t let us go in and so we asked to see a manager,” Nicole said. “Five minutes later the employee came back and said the manager was too busy to see us, but that was their policy, they weren’t allowed in without a child and there was nothing they could do about it.” As a result, they turned around and headed back to Windsor. “I was crushed. My dad is 63 years old, he was devastated. The look on his face was like a child not getting the gift at Christmas that they want. He felt discriminated against because he’s a senior citizen who also happens to like Lego,” Nicole said. “It made me feel awful. I felt discriminated against. I thought what the heck is the reason for this? If they gave me a reason maybe I could understand but they gave me no reason,” he said.

Hey Legoland I didn’t realize business was booming up there in Toronto. Didn’t know you guys were in any position to turn away Lego fanatics. You smug son of a bitches. We’re not talking about some exclusive velvet rope night club where you don’t want a 63 year old dude bringing down your vibe. We’re talking about fucking Legoland – a place dedicated to the celebration of interlocking plastic bricks. These guys should roll out the fucking red carpet for a dude who has 75 sets and 50,000 pieces of Legos. You know how many of those snot nose asshole kids you’re letting in actually take the time to make a Lego creation? Like fucking zero. No kid actually takes the time to assemble the big Lego masterpieces like its some goddam puzzle. The just have a bunch of stray blocks laying around and you just make square shaped shit. Some times you make it look like a gun. Sometimes you just make a giant Lego stick to hit your friends with. I’d just make a giant rectangle and call it a “wall.” Undoubtedly you leave a couple stray pieces on the floor that your father steps on which sends him into a fit of rage and you end up hiding in your bedroom so he doesn’t beat you. Those are what Legos are to most kids.

The only idiots on the planet sitting around taking the time to make the Millennium Falcon are guys like John St-Onge. The guy has fucking diabetes, cancer, and a bad ticker. He just wants to see some Lego displays and take some pictures and shit. Let him in the goddam park. I bet Erector Set World would have given him the full VIP treatment.

PS – I’d love to see them try to deny the chick with the Lego-Leg entry. Dare you to try to pull that off, you Legoland assholes.


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