Kris Benson’s 911 Call

Yardbarker – Now hear the the 911 call that Kris made after he told her that he would get her the money and cigarette lighter she wanted. You can hear some fear and worry in Benson’s voice as he makes the call, but did so in very controlled manner. Having a gun pulled on you has to be terrifying, especially when somoene shows up in a rage, and there is personal feelings involved. According to the police report, when she was told by the authorities that Kris called 911, she said “He’s a f**king p**sy.” Classy. We don’t think Anna is getting anything in the divorce at this point.

I’m seeing this floating around the internet with people kinda busting Kris Benson’s balls about how he’s being a pussy. Um, do you people understand who the fuck Anna Benson is? She’s an absolute fucking psychopath. She’s basically like Linda Blair in The Exorcist except she’s got a gun, a knife, and a bulletproof vest. I understand that anytime a guy has a spat with his girl publicly like this, he’s gonna get roasted. But I think everyone needs to put themselves in Kris Benson’s shoes for a second. To me he sounds like a dude who’s probably had to deal with this about 500 times over the course of his marriage. About as calm and as cool as you can be when a stark raving lunatic is waving a gun in your face. Walk a mile in Benson’s shoes, alongside a chick who’s mentally unstable to a spectacular degree, and recognize that this 911 call is about as collected as a guy can be when managing Anna fucking Benson.

PS – Did you know Kris is short for Kristin? Kristin James Benson. What in the fuck is that about? Honestly how much does Kristin Benson’s life suck? Total bust, suffered with the Pirates and the Mets. Married a violent psychopath. And his name is fucking Kristin. Aside from the money that dude’s life is garbage.

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