Kid Gets Eric Decker And His Wife To “Role Play” To Ask A Girl To Prom

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I see a lot of websites and new stations reporting on good prom proposals and thought you guys may be interested in the one I did. I was able to get in contact with Eric Deckers agency and got him and his wife Jessie James to record a role play between me and my girlfriend. I have the video if you are interested in seeing it.
Thank you,

I attached the video. If you decide to do anything with it I would
love to be informed about it and if you need any other info just email
me back. Lastly if anything happens with this can you give my friend
Conor a shoutout because it was his idea to send it to you
Thank You,


So you had eric and jessie pretend to be you and your girlfriend in this video and then you showed it to her?


Yes that’s the shortened version of it. Really I had her friends pick her up at her house blindfold her and bring her to the school where I had my laptop on a small table with candles around it and they brought her to the table and I told her to press play and she watched it.


Well this is just about the most bizarre thing thats come across my desk in a long, long time. I had to even email the kid back to make sure I understood what was going. Upon first watch I had no idea what I was looking at. Especially considering when you’re a smut blogger and you get an email that says someone has a video of “Eric Decker and his wife role playing,” you better BELIEVE you’re seeing nothing but dollar signs. Turns out they were just pretending to be Ethan and his girlfriend or something. Some elaborate prom invitation. Sounds like it was real romantic with the candles and the blindfolds though so I’m sure she said yes. Here’s to hoping that you did some role playing of your own that night, Ethan.

Because I 50,000% know Eric and Jessie did. Guaranfuckingtee as soon as the cameras stopped rolling they just kept up with this high school prom fantasy. You ever see their show? Jessica straight up loves Eric’s penis. And I’m not just being a vulgar blogger here I’m pretty sure that was a direct quote from her on their show. All the time she’s talking about how she loves to have sex with him and during the football season he won’t break her off. So theres no doubt in my mind they kept up a high school role playing behind the scenes and maybe made a video of their own.

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