Khalil Edney Of New Rochelle With The Most Improbable Buzzer Beater I’ve Ever Seen To Defeat Mount Vernon In The Championship

Watched it a hundred times and I still cant tell if he got it off

Most ridiculous buzzer beater I’ve ever seen. And just about the closest call I’ve ever seen as far as did he get it off or not:

Obviously the graphic on the screen isn’t correct because the red light on the backboard has gone off, but it still looks like its off his fingertips at that point. Just about the closest call I’ve ever seen and an absolutely fucking insane turn of events for the championship upset. I mean 999,999,999 times out of 1,000,000 that kid on Mount Vernon gets away with just tossing the ball up like an idiot, but today was just the most unlucky day in this history of high school basketball. And the luckiest for the New Rochelle Huguenots. 914 stand up!

PS – Have I ever told the tale of when I played summer league hoops against Mount Vernon when I was in high school? I’ve told it like 500 times, so probably. Most recently I did it on KFC radio a few weeks ago. It was such a fuckin fiasco. One time I tried to break up a Ben Gordon alley-oop and he basically put his dick and balls directly in my face as he threw it down and another time some kid crossed me up and threw the basketball off my face like I was on the And 1 Mixtape Tour. Good times, great oldies.

PPS – Incredible job by Kevin Devaney Jr. on the call. Handled that situation just about as well as you can. Both teams celebrating and basically having a mosh pit on the court while the refs are flipping a coin to pick a winner and he still didn’t miss a beat on the play by play

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