KFC Walks Right Into A Boomer Esiason Buzzsaw On Boomer & Carton In The Morning

Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 12.29.47 PM Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 12.31.46 PM

Click here for video of the full interview 

WFAN.com – Kevin Clancy (@KFCBarstool) is a writer for Barstool Sports, and he joined Boomer and Craig this morning to talk about the blogosphere. He also explained the thought behind his website and, most importantly, avoided getting a beating from Boomer…

As if making my WFAN debut wasn’t nerve wracking enough. As if being in 99 million homes for the first time didn’t give me the jitters. 2 minutes before I’m about to jump in studio Boomer tells me we’re gonna have a little discussion about his daughter Sydney being on the site. How do you think I felt when I’m standing behind the glass about to go on air and I get this face:

Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 12.57.39 PM


Just shooting DAGGERS at me. I tried to explain that she was never actually on Barstool New York and that perhaps it was Barstool Boston and it wasnt really my fault, but I don’t think most dads care about the inner workings of our dumb ass website. I felt like those kids that Marty Hart beat up in True Detective. “A man’s game charges a man’s price.” Luckily I told him I’d bring him a Shamrock Shake from McDonald’s and we’ll call it even.

Other than that I think the interview went pretty well. Just kinda shooting the shit about Barstool and the blog life and how the morning show and the Stool are bother pretty similar. Hopefully I was good enough to come back and do it again. Another step towards blogs and mainstream media getting together, and I can’t think of a better fit than Boomer & Carton with Barstool.

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