KFC Radio: The Premiere of Fat Face Smitty

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Your boy Smitty and his Lego head finally makes his debut on KFC Radio. The main reason he hasn’t been on yet is because the commenters were crying for him, and I don’t reward commenters misbehaving. But the joke’s on me because Smitty was great. I mean great in that “he’s a piece of white trash from Philly and he knows it” sorta way, but it was a really good episode nonetheless.

The biggest disagreement came in the form of me vs. Smitty, Big Cat, and the Stoolie who left the voicemail regarding the question “Whats better: your best shit or your worst sex?” I immediately thought it was a no brainer. So did the other guys. Except we both had different answers. Tune in and chime in with your own thoughts.

And a big shout out to Stoolie Carl who Smitty has blogged about in the past.  This episode is in your name, brotha. He’s one of the biggest Stoolies and KFC Radio fans out there so it was only right that when Fat Face made his debut we remind you all of the battle he’s fighting with cancer. If you want to help his fight, you can donate to his Go Fund Me page or just drop him a line and remind him that there’s a whole nation of Stoolies supporting him as he continues to battle: HELMETSTRONG25@GMAIL.COM


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