KFC Radio Super Bowl Edition: Featuring The Most Honest, Relatable Clip In KFC Radio History

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This week’s KFC Radio featured all sorts of talk. Banter about premium porn and party etiquette and masturbation and all sorts of other shit. The usual mess of absurd talk that you always hear when you come down the rabbit hole with me, Feits and Big Cat.

But I think we had one of the funniest, most honest, most relatable moments in KFC Radio history yesterday. The question was – Who would you rather have sex with: a girl who has Richard Sherman’s head and attitude? Or a girl who has Peyton Manning’s head and is loud and bossy like he is at the line of scrimmage? We debated each side and what ensued was probably the funniest moment in this show’s history. Any dude who has ever had sex can relate to the conversation we had. Literally every man on earth who’s not a virgin will appreciate the talk.

Richard Sherman/Peyton Manning sex talk starts at 17:10

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