KFC Radio – Stoolie Voicemails – Episode 55: Double Nickel featuring Nate

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Fantastic week from Stoolies. Male and female alike! Got a couple questions from chick Stoolies, as well as about 10 or 12 voicemails from the usual animals. Great week of submissions. I didn’t even really have time to get to email and twitter submissions, so next week we’ll start off with those. Great performance out of the Stoolies this week.

A couple of my favorite subtle moments from this episode:

1) Nate admitting he’s never smoked crack like that was some deep dark confession. Like he was telling the world he was a virgin or something. “Guys…I gotta be honest…I mean…I’ve never even done crack.”

2) Nate discussing banging chicks using the phrase “Aren’t 3 field goals better than a touchdown?” Preach brotha. Quantity over Quality is the key to a happy sexual life.

3) Big Cat saying “pupcorn” instead of “popcorn” because thats how Pres says popcorn. The bromance has reached a point where they have started to talk the same. Pretty soon they are gonna be like a married couple and start to look alike. I wouldn’t be surprised if they wore custom jerseys like couples at football games. Like where one jersey says “I’m Single” across the back and then your partner has one that says “No he’s not.” Thats the next step.

4) CatFeits. Its just a fucking fantastic segment.

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