KFC Radio – Party Down South Edition Featuring Taylor Wright AKA Lil Bit

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The star of TVs newest guilty pleasure “Party Down South” joined us for a half hour of Google Hangout weirdness! And here are the things we learned from Lil Bit:

– People from the North are cruel devils that only eat pasta salad and meatballs

– She’s not very impressed with bloggers

– Yet ironically she wants to become a blogger and may open up Barstool Dixie for us

– God wants her to be happy so if winning 500 bucks in a thong contest at a bar makes her happy, then it was God’s will that she won.

She’s a 4 foot 11 90 pound smokeshow firecracker and she held her own against 3 Barstool idiots. So she’s cool in my book. You can catch her and the rest of the Party Down South maniacs on CMT on Thursday nights – 10/9 central. Check her out on twitter @LilBitSouth, these guys already did:

Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 10.25.34 AM


What a wrecking crew that is.

In the second half of the show, the Trinity of Fat drop some serious life knowledge on your asses. From shitting to dating and everything in between, we’ve got the answers.

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