KFC Radio: FrancesaCon Edition

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FrancesaCon was this past Saturday on the Upper East Side. 1500 weird, nerdy, drunk WFAN junkies all came out to Saloon, Rathbones, Mad River and a couple other spots to celebrate a 60 year old Italian man who talks about sports all day. And I’ll tell you what – it was probably my favorite day ever. I had an absolute blast. Mike Zaun and the dude who does the Russo impression basically did an entire episode of Mike and the Mad Dog. We set up shop and recorded an episode of KFC Radio while all the Francesa mongos were just going berserk. There were dudes dressed up as the Pope. Dressed up as cans of Diet Coke. Fucking Newsday and New York Magazine showed up with news crews to cover the event. It was absolutely bizarro world stuff. Jeff Cumberland came through. Some fucking dude who’s apparently gonna fight Mayweather next? I heard a rumor that son of a bitch Mike from Montclair even showed up. Wasn’t a female in sight. Absolutely incredible.

Next year already on the schedule – January 31, 2015. Can’t wait to do this every year for the next like 15 years.

PS – Do you remember Greg Packer – “The Most Quoted Man In America?” Well he showed up and marched right over to me and told me how he loves the Stool. I put him on the show immediately and he started telling stories about all the Blackout Foam parties he’s been too and how all he wants is to fuck some of the girls at the show. Absolutely the greatest surprise guest. The “interview” was gold.

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