KFC Radio Episode 39 – Part 2 – Man Vs. Beast


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This was kind of a two part question where we combined a voicemail and this tweet from Stoolie Rich. Whats the largest animal you think you could take in a fight, and could a trained professional fighter take out any legitimately sized creature with one punch? Of course Big Cat said he could wrestle an alligator. Said he could defeat a baboon. I think for a brief moment he was about to say he could kill a shark. Back on the realistic scale of KFC Radio insanity was Feitelberg saying he could defeat a “tired dog.” Probably the most honest, real response in this history of this show. I thought I perhaps could take a small raccoon. Thats about the largest animal I’d even attempt to tangle with.

But the second portion I thought was the more intriguing debate. Imagine Iron Mike Tyson in his prime punching an animal as hard as he could. What size animal could he knock out? Anything of legitimate size? Could he render a cow unconscious? I feel like any pro MMA fighter or boxer could knock out a monkey pretty easily. Not like a gorilla or a baboon but a normal chimp. They are pretty close to humans so I can’t see why their heads would be that much different. But I think any full grown animal that walks on four legs would probably be able to take a punch.

Unless of course we’re talking about Conan the Barbarian and horses.

PS – Last night Feitelberg got his ass handed to him by a stray cat outside 7/11. So I guess that answers this question for him.


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