KFC Radio Episode 36 Part 2 featuring NEIL

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This week we were without Puerto Rican Puff Daddy so I was running shit behind the scenes. Had no idea the Google Hangout didn’t just automatically bounce around so apparently the whole second half is just Feitelberg’s mug on the main screen. Might be a good week to subscribe on iTunes and just listen.

Question of the week came from Stoolie Luke who emailed us with the following gem:

Would you put your first born son (in his first 30 days of life) in the microwave on full blast for 3 seconds for $10k?

3 seconds is like nothing. Barely heats up the inside of a Pop Tart. While I agree that you’ve gotta be a sick fuck to toss a baby in a microwave, I genuinely think that 3 seconds is not enough time to do any harm. Its no worse than getting a quick x-ray at the dentist. Putting a baby out in the sun is probably worse than a 3-Mississippi in the toaster oven. There are mothers who drink and smoke for all 9 months of pregnancy and kids turn out fine. I understand the social stigma attached to microwaving a baby – I’m just saying physiologically I don’t think it would do anything to your kid.

Which is why the real issue here is whether or not the baby’s mother is around. If there was a stack of $100,000 and you were all by yourself, nobody would ever know – I bet you’d do it. You can pay for that kid’s college with that money in 18 years. Or at least all his special ed classes when it turns out you microwaved him straight to retardation.

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