KFC Radio Episode 30 Part 2 – Maurice Makes His KFC Radio Debut Next Week

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As if KFC Radio can’t get any more racially charged, we’re adding a black fella to the mix as this week’s guest. I’m gonna try to create some sort of white person/black person quiz show like Chappelle’s How Well Do You Know Black People? skit. I think I’ll ask Mo white people questions and he asks me black people questions and we’ll see who crosses over the most. That way we can determine who’s actually the resident racist here at Barstool. Hint: Its probably me.

But nows your chance to leave voicemails for the big man Mo too. Call 646-80-STOOL (646-807-8665) to leave questions/comments/whatever for Maurice the Barstool Philly Blogger. Ask A Black Blogger, any Philadelphia questions, whatever. Stoolies have been asking for him so here he is. Go nuts.

Also follow and tweet us with any questions you want answered. We’ll try to do a twitter Q&A portion of the show this week too.


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