KFC Radio Episode 30 – Could Big Cat Beat Up The UFC Women’s Champion?

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Back to basics here at KFC Radio this week. No guests. Just pure dementia from the Barstool Bloggers and the Stoolie voicemails. One voicemail this week was in regards to UFC Women’s Champ Ronda Rousey. Specifically, could we beat her in a fight. Now, I’m the only reasonable person on this panel week in and week out willing to admit my shortcomings. I know Ronda Rousey would absolutely rip my face off. Naturally Big Cat and Feitelberg both say they’d demolish her. I understand she’s a woman. I understand she’s 5’6, 135. But its about the tenacity. The ferocity. Ronda Rousey would come in SO HOT. Before you know it you’d take like 5 shots to the head and you’d be in an arm bar. We’re all lazy, slow, dimwitted bloggers. She’s a professional fighter. Maybe if Big Cat trained for a period of time and got into the right mindset he could take her – but as it stands today, if you throw Big Cat and Ronda Rousey inside the Octogon, Big Cat leaves in tears.

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