Kate Upton – Rock Hard Body

Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 1.44.14 PM

kate-upton-bikini-cameron-diaz-bikini-0722-03-435x580 kate-upton-bikini-cameron-diaz-bikini-0722-01-435x580


Kate Upton – the sexiest rectangle in the world. Bitch’s measurements are like 36-36-36. Anyone who doesn’t say she’s a fatter chick is just lying to themselves at this point. This is fucking irrefutable proof. You can call me gay for a lot of things. But don’t call me gay for saying Kate Upton is fat. Thats just a fact.

And yes, for the 500th time, I’d still have sex with her. I would make love to those tits in a heartbeat. But after I was done I would tell my buddies about how I TF’d a fat chick.



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