Justin Pugh’s Draft Day Phone Call

This is great stuff. For all the excitement he had accepting the call from TC & Co., he couldn’t wait to get off the phone and let the room explode around him. Not to mention, his arms didn’t look that stumpy. The obvious star of the video though is his buddy over his shoulder going from the elation of “Oh shit, my boy got drafted!”…


I assume he’s an Eagles fan like Pugh is was. Real cool to see the genuine emotion all around even though everyone knew what was coming sooner or later.

And, for the record, I don’t hate Justin Pugh at all. He’s a safe, seemingly fail-proof selection who could be thrown into the fire at tackle immediately. Certainly fills a need. All I’m saying is, he certainly wasn’t the best player available and there probably won’t be a steep drop-off if they wanted to stock up on the line in Round 2. For whatever it’s worth, he received the 2nd-worst grade of all first-round picks on NFL.com when the guy who got the top score among all defensive players & was projected to go as high as #3 was still around in Sharrif Floyd. A little skepticism is fair here. But in Jerry Reese I trust, and if he’s gonna say “”He was the highest guy on our board. You guys think I’m joking when I say that, but he was the highest guy on our board.” then I’m riding with him. Welcome aboard, Justin.

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