Just How Famous Is The Royal Baby? The Internet Is Speculating Whether Or Not He’ll Be Circumcised

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IB TImes – While many are debating what Prince William and Kate Middleton’s baby will be called, others are wondering whether or not (if it’s a boy) he will be circumcised. The will they won’t they debate was raised by Jennifer Lipman, comment editor of London’s Jewish Chronicle, who made note of the former royal tradition. Queen Victoria believed she was a descendent of King David, and sanctioned circumcision. From then on, all male royalty were given the snip, starting with King Edward VII. Lipman wrote: “With no word yet on whether the royal infant will be a boy or a girl, it’s perhaps too premature to engage in a “will-they-won’t-they” debate over whether they will choose to circumcise their offspring, as was once a royal tradition.” Prince Charles was circumcised by a mohel – a rabbi who specialises in circumcision – who was chosen over the royal physician.  Rabbi Jacob Snowman performed the procedure at Buckingham Palace in 1948, five days after the Prince’s christening. However, the Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry were not circumcised because Diana said so, breaking the tradition that dates back to the 1840s. It had been rumoured that Prince William was circumcised later, but photos emerged in 2008 suggesting otherwise.

Imagine being one day old and the entire world is already fixated on your dick? Thats how fucking famous Royal Baby is. (Sidenote – thats officially his name to me. I’m just calling him Royal Baby. No fucking chance I call this kid “George” or something lame like that.) Your dick has the internet trending before you even left the hospital. That, is fucking fame right there.

How about this rumor that Prince Charles had the boys circumcised after Diana died? Talk about a rough time in your childhood. Your mom dies and then your dad makes you get the tip of your dick chopped off at the age of like 15? That would be absolutely the most traumatic, barbaric thing ever. “Welp kids, your mother’s dead, time to take the top down on your hooded dragon!” There’s no chance that happened. So if Papa Prince has pig in a blanket, the question is, does Kate want her son growing up a freak with a stinky dick or a normal, clean King? Foreskin is probably the most unroyal thing I’ve ever heard.

Clean that kids dick up and lets keep this Royal Baby process moving.

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