JR Smith – Always Gracious In Defeat

Ahhh theres the JR Smith we all know and hate. So much for that new and improved version of the focused and mature JR Smith.  I mean I’ll admit when he called Art Vandelay “fat boy!” I laughed. And I deal with internet haters more than anyone, so I know how annoying some of these people can be. But give me a fuckin break bro. You just went 3-14 from 3 with maybe the worst late game turnover I’ve ever seen to lose your big matchup with the Heat. Now might not be the time to talk about blowing people’s moms.

I can’t fucking take it anymore. I know I’m supposed to stick by the Knicks on the blog no matter what but I just can’t fucking handle JR Smith anymore. He’s everything I hate about this team. He’s a perfect microcosm for the whole Knicks squad. Tons of talent but just chucks threes non stop all game long. If they go in? Great, we look like champions and win by 30. If they dont? Oh well I’m just gonna keep chucking instead of playing D and getting to the basket because I’m Team Swish, baby! They’ll go in next game! There’s no denying that he’s been absolutely great at times. Along with Jamal Crawford he’s the best 6th man off the bench. When he plays smart and has a good night he’s an invaluable piece of this tea. But this sorta bullshit is the perfect example of where the Knicks are pretenders. Obviously JR Smith calling some dude fat boy on twitter is not the end of the world, but it just gives you a look at where his head’s at after the biggest loss of the year.

Obviously you root for the name on the front of the jersey. And I’m sure there’s times where I’ll cheer my dick off again for a big JR Smith bucket at some point this season. But my point is that you need a lot more Tyson Chandler’s and a lot less JR Smith’s to win an NBA title.

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