Jets Work Out David Garrard –  The New York Jets have been tied to practically every breathing quarterback potentially available this offseason, so a report from the New York Daily News on Thursday does not come as a surprise. Manish Mehta reported David Garrard recently worked out for the team. Last with the Miami Dolphins in training camp last year, Garrard is trying to resurrect a career stalled by back problems. In a free-agent market bereft of quality options, someone figures to give Garrard a job. The Jets have also been tied to Brady Quinn and Garrard’s former teammate Matt Moore as potential players who could compete with Mark Sanchez for a starting job. (Tim Tebowis expected to be released shortly.) Matt Flynn is another name that makes some sense in Gang Green.

Literally if you’ve ever thrown a football, you can probably get a work out from the New York Jets. Maybe get Shane Falco a try out. Willie Beamen, perhaps? At this rate I think Uncle Rico might compete for the starting job. Hell if coach had kept him in they would have been state champs. No doubt in my mind.

David fucking Garrard. Look part of me likes that Idzik is willing to kick the tires on any and every potential quarterback. God knows wacky shit has happened in this league and stranger guys have gone on to become heroes. But part of me wants them to just sit tight, stay quiet, and fucking suck until they can somehow land a big time quarterback. Thats basically all you can do the way the league is constructed now. Stop embarrassing yourselves and the rest of the shitty quarterbacks already on the roster by trying out guys like David fucking Garrard. Because I can promise you this – he ain’t the goddam answer fellas.



Heaven fucking help me.

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