Jets Fan Sums Up How Miserable Our Existence Is (Must Watch)

Absolutely perfect. Aside from rooting for Geno to tear his ACL which is a dickhead move, this guy sums up the inner feelings of every Jets fan. Hey KFC – Whats it like being a Jets fan? “FUCK YOU. FUCK YOOUUUU. THIS SUCKS.” There’s your fucking answer. Thats how it feels to be a Jets fan. The 1:27 mark sums it up perfect. Just a genuine, short and sweet “This sucks.” Because it does. It honestly sucks so fucking bad.

I wish I could get kicked out of the fanbase. Like the same way this guy was rooting to be kicked out of the stadium so he wouldn’t have to watch anymore, I wish I was just metaphorically kicked out of the fanbase all together.

Fuck you.


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