Jets Eying Kevin Kolb As Their Next Starter


You know its bad when this move actually got me excited. There’s like a handful of other teams with QB situations as dreadful as the Jets. Philly and Arizona are 2 of them. And Kevin Kolb has already jettisoned from both those franchises. We’re scooping up the Cardinals sloppy seconds and the Eagles sloppy thirds and it’s probably the best move they’ve made. If he’s cheap enough, he’s by far the most capable QB on that mess of a roster.

In other Jets news, Shonn Greene gone. LaRon Landry gone. Mike Devito gone. Landry had a monster year, but it was obvious the Jets were not in position to pay him the kind of dollars he was gonna get on the open market. So no surprise there. No surprise with Shonn Greene either, who completely sucks. At least they’re way under the cap now. They’re gonna need it in order to buy an entirely new roster.

This concludes your weekly Jets offseason moves shit sandwich blog.


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