Is This The Worst Ass In The History Of Human Asses?

Stumbled upon this slop while looking for GTA today. What in the fuck is going on there? Looks like a goddam melting candle. Like a sand castle thats too wet and is falling apart. Its like Salvador Dali’s Melting Clocks or the Gaudi cathedral in Spain that looks like its dripping. Flat, droopy, stretchy. Goodness gracious.

Craziest part is it belongs to Karen Mulder who was a former super model in her heyday:

I mean this chick is over 50 at this point so I’m not saying I expect her to run around the beach with a Leanna Bartlett ass or something. But good Lord. I almost expected it to be Steven Tyler when I first took a look at that slop. You could throw pizza dough against the wall and come up with something that looks more like a human ass that thing.

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