Introducing The Derek Jeter Retirement Barf Bag

Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 8.43.49 AM


Directions: Should the sappy and sycophantic musings of Kay, Waldman, Sterling, Francesa, et al regarding the impending retirement of Derek Jeter induce vomiting, open bag rapidly and insert stomach contents.

WARNING! Repeated exposure to video clips of Jeter’s last 2 truly great plays may cause nausea and vomiting (“the flip” vs Oakland in 2001 and “the dive” vs Boston 2004 – note the years)

Should vomiting occur for more than 4 hours, please console yourself with the thought that were it not for the Alex Rodriguez stellar/drug enhanced performances in the 2009 postseason, “The Captain” would be 14 seasons removed from his last WS Crown

Avoid pink Jeter jerseys, YES network flashbacks and Mariano Rivera retirement ceremonies, and references to Jeter being the first ever unanimous Hall of Fame selection.

This is from Mickey Spillane’s Opening Day party this year, but I think I’m gonna need 153 of them to last me the rest of the season. Certainly about 20-25 more of them for the remaining retirement ceremonies. Such an incredibly spot on description of the Jeter nausea that you know a true, blue Mets fan wrote it. Right down to the truth about the 2009 World Series and the unanimous Hall of Fame voting. Those are things only true Yankee haters think about on a daily basis.

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