I’m Driving This Islanders Bandwagon All The Way To The Promise Land!

ALL ABOARD! This bandwagon can’t be stopped. You wanna know why? Because I’m as lucky as a motherfuckin leprechaun with 4 leaf clovers and rabbits feet. The KFC Non-Mush, Reverse Jinx, Hockey Luck is in full swing. McDonald sniping left and right. Tavares second in the league in goals. Matty Martin knocking dudes out and pulling smokes like Sydney Esiason. Moulson Ice lit the lamp tonight. I’m still not sure who the goalie is yet, but the point is, this bandwagon is fucking ROLLING.

Hey Rags fans – how’s 9th place look! You fucking losers! New Jersey – you’re next! KFC and the Islanders are coming for your asses.

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