If You Don’t Think The Fix Was In On The Richmond-Charlotte Game, You’re Outside Of Your Mind

What a fucking bullshit insane finish this was. The first technical I can understand. I think that guy kinda flopped and lost his balance but you can’t go tossing people on a made basket on the front end of a 1 and 1. But the REAL bullshit is giving them 3 free throws on that half court heave. That NEVER gets called. Saying he was in the act of shooting and giving them three free throws is just inexcusable. I would go berserk and get T’d up for that too. And when you see that the over under was 130.5 and the final score was 68-63 things get reeaaal fishy.

PS – I don’t actually believe in these conspiracy theories. Its just shitty officiating. But much more fun to chalk it up to a gambling conspiracy than just say these refs suck.

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