“Human Cockfighting” In NYC Park With Little Girls Is About As Low As Human Life Gets


NYDN- Cops are investigating a sick video that surfaced on YouTube Wednesday of two little girls being egged on to fight each other in a New York City park. The vexing video shows a group of adults, perhaps even guardians, laughing and encouraging the puny pugilists to engage in a loathsome act akin to human cockfighting. Police were analyzing the heartbreaking 160-second video Wednesday night in hopes of identifying the participants in the twisted form of entertainment, a source said. It’s not clear from the video which park the incident occurred in, but World’s Fair-style benches and a concrete water fountain in the background are typical of New York City parks. There’s also an MTA bus passing in the distance. In the disturbing cell phone footage, the two girls, who appear to be 7 or 8 years old, are made to face each other. In the background, adults are heard repeatedly yelling, “slap her” and “whup her.” One of the little girls, wearing a black puffy jacket, refuses to fight even as her opponent, wearing a white puffy jacket and referred to in the video as “Puna,” grabs her by the hair and punches her. Breaking free, the girl in the black jacket begins crying historically, yelling, “I don’t want to hit her. I’m not playing. I like this little girl.”

Welp this is it folks. This is as low as the human race can go. More or less grown women sitting around dog fighting with their kids or the kids they babysit or siblings or fucking whatever. That poor girl Puna was fucking up. Just wants to live a normal human life where she grows up to be something other than a hoodrat savage. And after shit like this she’s just got no shot. Thats the worst part of all. Next time that little girl is thrown in the ring she’s not gonna worry about doing the right thing. She’s gonna worry about the next Puna fucking her shit up again. Its a dog eat dog world and when your ratchet mothers literally treat you like a dog and throw you in a ring like a pitbull, you got no choice but to eat. Awful.

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