Huffington Post Reporter Tweets Out Picture Of Ear Plugs Saying The Were Rubber Bullets Used In Ferguson, Gets Destroyed By The Internet

Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 9.23.32 AM


IJreview – Huffington Post reporter Ryan Reilly made pretty much all of Twitter do a double-take, check again to make sure he wasn’t joking, then double over in laughter and ridicule. And he did it with just one little tweet:

earplugs03 earplugs04 earplugs05 earplugs06 earplugs07 earplugs08 earplugs10 earplugs11 earplugs012 earplugs13 earplugs14




I believe you are a goddam idiot, Ryan Reilly. Can anyone confirm? See here’s the thing about reporters that people don’t realize – they’re pretty fucking dumb. Somewhere along the line people agreed that news anchors and newspaper writers and shit were smart. We just accepted that if they were on TV or in a magazine or paper that they must be experts and they must be smarter than us.

But then blogs and twitter came about and instead of just reading one or two columns a week or seeing them once a day on TV, we get reporters 24/7. Without the help of a producer or an editor we get to see all the dumb ass shit they think and say. And thats when you realize that pretty much everyone is stupid. All of us. Everyone is kinda unqualified for their job one way or another. Everyone has moments when they’re fucking idiots. Whether you’re a blogger thinking that sharks were swimming in the streets of Edgartown or a reporter covering Ferguson thinking foam ear plugs were rubber bullets, we’re all a little stupid.

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