How Cocky Is It To Decorate Your Rear View Window With Magnum Condom Boxes?


Friend of mine lives down south somewhere in Louisiana. Went to Walmart and saw this guy parked next to her car.

How cocky of a move is it to decorate your rear view window by lining it with Magnum condom boxes? Thats gotta register as a 10 on the cocky scale. Rather curious though. Judging by the baby sized Air Jordan’s, I’m gonna go out on a limb and say this is a black dude with many kids. Only black people spend 50 bucks on basketball sneakers for infants that are gonna grow out of them in about a week. Now on the one hand it makes sense that a black dude would need Magnums. But on the other hand, theres a slim chance he’s ever using condoms to begin with. So I’m thinking its just gotta be for show. Like a warning of some sorts. Almost like in Medieval times when people used to put heads on a stake to warn travelers that they don’t fuck around. You see the Magnum-mobile rolling around the streets of Louisiana and you know someone out there is about to get deep-dicked.



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