Hotel Seeking Professional Sleeper To Test Out Their New Beds

HELSINKIFed up with the neighbors? Pipes burst in the kitchen? Or, you just want to get away from it all for a while? Hotel Finn in the heart of Helsinki might just be the ticket – they’re seeking a “professional sleeper” for 35 days to test their rooms and write all about it. Hotel manager Tio Tikka says he thought up the stunt to help promote the hotel after lengthy renovations. Tikka said Wednesday that they were looking for a “dynamic person to write a quality blog” about their daily experiences at the basic hotel, which has no bar or restaurant. Requirements: Fluent Finnish and English, Russian a plus. The job opens May 17 with applications closing end of April. So far more that 600 would-be hotel sleepers have applied.

So let me get this straight – you need someone who can blog to test out your hotel room for 35 days? Stop the search you crazy Finnish fucks! I’m your man right here. Staying in hotels is one of my favorite things of all time. If I could do one thing for the rest of my life, it would be to just stay in different hotel rooms. Its one of those things that is always fun no matter how old you get or how many times you do it. Like building forts or driving through a car wash. You always get a little bit excited doing it. Sleep in a huge bed. Shower in luxurious bathrooms. Wear the complimentary robes. Have someone make the bed and clean the joint every day. The TV cable in hotels is always fucking awful. And this place not having a bar or restaurant kinda hurts. But fuck it. As long as there’s a mini fridge I can make do.

If this was in America this would legitimately be my dream job. Blog during the day and test out hotel rooms by night. I cannot envision a lazier, easier life than that.

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