Horse Meat…So Hot Right Now

Is there anyone hotter than horse meat right now? For sure not. Maybe Jennifer Lawrence. And the Blackhawks. Thats about it. Horse meat is fucking everywhere. Ikea meatballs? Horse meat. Beef ravioli? Horse meat. Taco Bell? Motherfuckin Horse Meat! Although lets be honest, who didn’t see that Taco Bell one coming? Plain and simple horse meat is whats hot in the streets right now. You basically gotta realize that everything you’ve ever eaten at any restaurant ever probably had a little bit of pony up in there. Its just horse meat finally has its time to shine. Finally getting credit for all your ravioli and gordita deliciousness. Personally I don’t see the big deal. Horses aren’t like vile animals that I wouldn’t wanna eat. They are just like really athletic cows. Whats the big deal? Unknowingly eaten some stallion ain’t gonna kill anyone. I’d probably knowingly eat a whole horse burger before eating some of the cats and dogs they serve in Chinese food.

Horse meat…so hot right now. Horse meat.

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