Hedge Fund Manager Buys Most Expensive Home In America – $147 Million East Hampton House On Long Island

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NBC NewsA top hedge fund manager has purchased the most expensive house in America, the New York Post reports. Barry Rosenstein, fund manager at Jana Partners, is set to pay $147 million for an 18-acre beachfront home in the Hamptons on New York’s Long Island, the paper reported. The East Hampton home formerly belonged to Christopher H. Browne, managing director of Tweedy, Browne Company investment firm, whose will was contested after his death, the Post reported. The previous record for a home sale was set just two weeks ago, when a house in Greenwich, Conn., sold for $120 million.

One hundred forty seven million. Thats fucking outrageous. And it doesn’t even look that great right? I mean obvious a mansion on the beach in East Hampton is unreal but that picture doesn’t exactly scream “$147 million home” does it? Its got a swampy pond right in the middle there. Fuck that. If I’m dropping 147 mil on my house it better be picture fucking perfect. Atop some cliffs overlooking white sands and crystal clear water on the finest nude beach the world has to offer. 18 acres of naked chicks always willing to have sex with me would be just about the only way I could ever justify that kind of money on a plot of land.

PS – Just to keep it in perspective Google says an acre of land in Kansas is about 5 grand. So 18 acres would run you about 90k. Pretty hefty $146,910,000 East Hampton premium.

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