Hard Ticket To Hawaii Might Be The Single Greatest Movie Of All Time

You know what the problem is these days with movies? They’re all too long. There’s always like a full 60 minutes of movies these days that don’t belong. In comedies there’s always an hour of a love story that doesn’t matter. In action movies there’s always an hour where everything slows down and they try to make it into a drama. They just don’t make movies like Hard Ticket To Hawaii anymore.

96 minutes of action/adventure with skateboard assassins, bazookas, speedos, uzis, and frisbees with razor blades. Sprinkle in some killer dialogue, call people “turkey” and “buster” and you’ve got yourself a recipe for a perfect movie. I mean have you ever seen anything as dramatic as those 2 squaring off for a frisbee battle? Building the tension and the anticipation of the scene. And just when you think he’s gonna use the gun he flashed, NOPE. He goes with the frisbee rigged with razor blades. Pure cinematic genius.

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