Happy International Women’s Day!

Today is International Women’s Day. I dunno what the fuck that means. I guess broads all across the world made up a day where you just honor chicks from other countries? Because being a woman is so hard and they have to give birth and get discriminated against and yada yada yada. Lets look at hot chicks from all around the world that we wanna have sex with:


I’ve seen this butt and this wedgie on Google Images so many fucking times I feel like I know it. Out of all the international chicks I wanna fuck, the Brazilian Volleyball Team Girls might be number 1

Latina Chicks

This chick and her dumper is just gonna represent all the Hispanics. Like Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic and the Bronx


Should probably get lumped in with the Puerto Ricans and the Dominicans but they got a pretty big country so they get their own picture. Smokeshow Mexicans are sexy as fuck but a lot of the normal ones are just dumpy housekeepers. Id say the average of Mexican women hotness ends up being a 4/10

Swedish Chicks

Pound for pound if you had to pick one nationality of women I think you’d go Swedish. Thin sexy blondes are like a dime a dozen there. They also just seem slutty. I’m taking the Swedes as my number 1 pick


I wanna put my weinerschnitzel in your liederhosen!


Japanese, Chinese, Korean…you’re all the same!! Just wanna simulate rape with you even though my dick isn’t pixelated.


Truth be told, the Irish are a pretty ugly people. But get em drunk and have sex with them and pretend she looks like this one.


Big tits for DAYS in England. I don’t know why. Something in the water I guess. Or the silicon.

Black Chicks


Light skinned, please!

Italian Girls

I wanna cover you in mod-i-nod and mutz-ah-rell! Shoot my gravy all over! Just make sure you arms aren’t hairy.

Other South American Girls Besides Brazil

Specifically the Paraguay sluts and all the girls who go nuts for the World Cup


I googled “Sexy russian chicks” and she popped up. So I’m taking the internet’s word for it! Russia!


I wanna get Down Under your skirt and play with your kangaroo. Yes, if I ever had sex with an Australian chick I’d call her pussy her “kangaroo.”


I don’t know much about this section of the world. It just like “the middle” to me. All I know is Greece is in like shambles right? Economy is totally fucked. Chicks are probably DTF any dude with a few American dollars. Sign me up!



Spain – its like the good kind of Hispanic!

And last but not least….


You know I love you poor bitches!

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