GTA Voting Scandal…Revote Is In Order

Turns out that the pictures used on Barstool Boston earlier in the week for Guess That Ass was not actually Jess Green. It was just a random butt she posted saying that she needed to hit the gym to do squats to get her ass in shape:

So thats not her butt. I will do everything in my power to find who that butt really belongs to but in the meantime, we need to revote. The emergency contender we’re swapping in is the Serbian Assterpiece from last week. Lets try this again:

3 time defending champion, Pro Surfer Anastasia Ashley


New ContenderĀ Stanija Dobrjevic


Lets revote.

Vote 1 for the Champ Anastasia Ashley, Vote 10 forĀ Stanija Dobrjevic, the Serbian Bombshell

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