Groundbreaking News: Alex Rodriguez Is Not Retiring From Baseball

ESPN – A message to the New York Yankees and their fans from Alex Rodriguez: I’m not going anywhere. “Alex has no plans at all to retire,” one source with close, personal ties to the embattled third baseman told on Thursday. Another source, authorized by Rodriguez to speak on his behalf, passed this along: “Alex says he’s working diligently on his rehabilitation and is looking forward to getting back on the field as soon as possible.” Since the disclosure this week of the presence of Rodriguez’s name in the records of Anthony Bosch, a “nutritionist” whose Miami-area anti-aging clinic is suspected of supplying human growth hormone and other performance-enhancing drugs to professional athletes, speculation has run rampant that perhaps Rodriguez never would play another game for the Yankees. One report even went so far as to suggest that Rodriguez might retire from baseball, leaving behind the remaining money on his contract. But the word coming out of Miami, where Rodriguez has been rehabbing since undergoing hip surgery earlier this month, tells a different story. Both sources paint a picture of a player who, although stung by what he believes is a campaign by the Yankees to rid themselves of his onerous contract, is working hard to return to action sometime after the All-Star break. Earlier this week, reported, citing sources, that the Yankees would explore multiple options to void Rodriguez’s contract, which was extended for 10 years after his MVP season in 2007.

Uhh, no fucking kidding. The guy has about 120 million guaranteed dollars coming his way over the next 5 years. No amount of injuries or suspensions is gonna stop that guy from riding this out. The Yankees are not going to be able to void his contract. They’re not gonna be able to move that contract. They gave him a 10 year extension into his early 40s like a bunch of assholes and now they have to deal with it. Their best bet is to help him do more HGH without getting caught. Get someone with half a fucking brain to do that shit secretively rather than have his goddam name all over the place at a steroids lab.

On another note how awkward is it when your team is openly, vigorously trying to void your contract? All reports indicate the Yankees are flat out desperate to get rid of him. And inevitably when they can’t do it they’re just gonna flip the script and start encouraging Alex and saying how they have confidence in him. So fucking stupid. I guess everyone has a job to do and everyone has to handle the media properly but its just absurd how phony everyone is in this situation. The Yankees resent Arod now and he probably hates the fact they’re trying to screw him out of his money. The next 5 years are going to be brutal and downright confrontational. Lets just cal it what it is.

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